Rules and safety

Please watch this required rules and safety video:

Safety is our number one priority. Having fun is our second priority. Everyone is expected to know and play by the Field Rules.

FIELD RULES: When you play at Airsoft CHS, you are committing yourself to following the below rules. Airsoft is a sport of honor and everyone playing should conduct themselves to the highest standard in order to make sure we all have a good time and so that the sport can grow.

• I will cover my eyes and yell BLIND MAN! if I lose my eyepro; I will also immediately stop firing and repeat the call if I hear it
• I will call my own hits, play honorably, and treat others as I would like to be treated
• I will listen to all staff instructions
• I will wear impact rated goggles that are full seal and have a retention strap. Eye protection must be Z87 ANSI rated
• If I am under 18 years old, I will wear a hard lower face mask.
• I will not blind fire, and use semi only unless designated otherwise (SMG, LMG, etc.)
• In staging I will have my magazine out, safety on, barrel cover on / pistol in holster, and will not dry fire
• I will use white biodegradable BBs only*
• I will attend all game briefings that I intend to play
• I will respect the property and pick up all of my trash
• I will not climb on, move, or alter any field barricade
• I will not make physical contact or use profanity with staff or other players
• I will not pick up grenades
• I will turn in any apparently lost items (mags, gloves, guns, etc.) to a field admin, or to the office
• I will report suspicious activity (typically non-players wandering onto the property)
• I will lock up valuables

When you arrive at our field, have your airsoft guns in a gun bag. Present your ticket confirmation to our check-in staff. You will be assigned a group letter which will determine what part of the staging area you will use. Teams are decided upon during game briefings and can be changed. The first thing to do once you enter is get your equipment ready and proceed to the chrono range with your protective eyewear on and your gun unloaded. All guns must be chronoed and tagged by our staff members on each and every visit. Once your guns are all chronographed, return to your assigned staging area and await further instructions from your assigned ref. Repeated or flagrant violations of our safety rules will result in immediate ejection without a refund. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

* Field BIO BBs only; due to environmental concerns, non-biodegradable BBs are not allowed to be used at Airsoft Charleston.  If you haven’t brought your own Biodegradable BB’s, an assortment of popular weights and brands of authorized BIO/eco-friendly BBs will be available for purchase at our pro shop. Plastic and other non-biodegradable BBs are banned and not allowed to be used.

We use a Joule rating rather than the more common FPS rating. This allows us to more safely limit and use guns of all types. Our field has a maximum allowed Joule rating of 3.64. If your gun is at 1.51 Joules or less, you have no Minimum Engagement Distance (MED), between 1.52 to 1.86 Joules you have a 50 foot MED (typically Light Machine Guns, LMGs), and between 1.87 to 3.64 Joules a 100 foot MED (typically sniper rifles).

Chrono Procedure:
1. Bring a magazine for your gun, with BBs of known weight, and wear approved eye protection.
2. 3+ shots will be fired, measured in Joules based on the BB weight you tell us – highest recorded shot is the chrono rating tagged. Guns without tags are not allowed on the field.
3. Tournament lock HPA.
4. Weapons over the 3.64 Joule limit cannot be used. No exceptions.

LMGs have a 50′ MED if they’re under 1.86 Joules, or 100′ MED if they’re between 1.87 and 3.64.

SMGs (replica Sub Machine Guns in pistol caliber) 1 Joule and under can shoot at full auto with a 20′ MED, and of course semi at 0 MED.

The field Limit for 0 MED and all HPAs is 1.51 Joules.
• .20 402 fps
• .25 360 fps
• .28 340 fps
• .30 329 fps
• .32 318 fps
• .36 300 fps

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